57 Best Shopify Apps Your Store Needs in 2022

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If you are on a strict budget utilizing some free Shopify apps is the way to go to increase sales.

Let’s take a look at some of the most prominent free Shopify Apps.

1. Oberlo


Pricing: It’s free until you reach 50 orders in a month.

Are you constantly on the search for new products to add to your store?

Oberlo is a wholesale catalog of products specifically built for Shopify stores.

The app can help you source a supplier and find products to import directly into your Shopify store.

After an order is placed on your site, you can then fulfill it through your dropshipping supplier directly on the Oberlo app.


2. Moosend

best shopify apps moosend

Pricing: 30-day free trial, pricing starts at $9/month

Did you know what the simplest way to laser-target people who have visited your Shopify store before is?

With Moosend, you can track customers’ buying behavior and design campaigns accordingly.

Put every piece of your Shopify store data to good use by syncing your email list and building marketing automation campaigns, sending cart abandonment emails, or designing smooth onboarding processes for your new customers.

3. Growave

growave shopify app

Pricing: Free plan for up to 100 orders per month.

Do you need to reach, engage and convert your customers in the most efficient way?

With Growave you can get an all-in-one app package to build your brand, boost social sharing and increase customer retention.

Plus, you can take advantage of its advanced review features to create automated coupons based on reviews and enhance the credibility of your store.

And since Instagram is a powerful conversion tool, embedding shoppable galleries on your pages will help you boost your revenue beyond measure.

4. Loox – Product Reviews


Pricing: Paid plans starts at $9.99 per month for stores processing up to 500 monthly orders

Loox is the most popular product reviews app on Shopify with over 7000 reviews and an excellent 4.9/5 rating.

The app lets you create beautiful and visually appealing customer reviews sections on your product page. You could also choose to publish these reviews on your cart, on a dedicated showcase page, or display them over a carousel, sidebar or popup.

Loox lets store owners send automated emails to customers asking them to review the product they just bought. You can also choose to offer exclusive discounts to these users in return for the review.

5. Dialogue – AI Personalization

dialogue shopify app

Pricing: Free for stores with under $5000 in monthly revenue. Paid plans start at $15/month and is based on store revenue.

Dialogue is an AI personalization app that uses visitor data to personalize user experience. Dialogue’s Recommender and Booster tools let Shopify store owners deploy product recommendations, cross-sells, and upsells that are personalized to a specific user’s patterns.

In addition to this, Dialogue has features like SmartBanner, StoryTeller, and Persuader that lets store owners create auto-generated content and persuasive messages that help drive up conversions.

6. AfterShip – Track & Notify

best shopify app aftership

Pricing: It’s free for 100 shipments a month.

When a customer buys a product from your store, they want to know when they’re going to receive it!

AfterShip is a one-stop-shop to give your customers the ability to track and trace their shipment.

It works with 450+ carriers across the world, and when your customer clicks their tracking link, they’ll be taken to a custom tracking page with your branding on it.

It’s the little touches that make this tool so cool.

7. Yotpo: Reviews, Photos, Q&A

best shopify apps yotpot

Pricing: It’s free!

Having a way for your customers to yell about how fantastic your products are is super important for generating revenue.

Yotpo gives your customers the ability to write product reviews that can then be shared to your social media profiles.

After that, you can smack them on your homepage or product listings to drive more sales!

While the basic plan of Yotpo is free, it may cost you depending on your order volume, traffic, etc. If it gets unaffordable, you could also check some of the alternate options for your Shopify store.

8. Order Printer

best shopify apps order printer

Pricing: It’s free!

Invoices, labels, packing slips and receipts are an unavoidable part of the Shopify selling game.

But using the Order Printer app will speed up the process.

You can create invoice templates and print them in bulk to save time.

Plus, you can put your label on anything you print from the app to add a personal touch for your customers.

9. Auto Currency Switcher

best shopify apps auto currency switcher

Pricing: It’s free!

If your customers are shopping from anywhere in the world, you should make it as easy as possible for them to make a buying decision when they’re browsing on your store.

Auto Currency Switcher will automatically display the items in your store in the customer’s home currency depending on their geographical location.

The customer can also switch in between currencies if they’re looking to use a specific currency.

10. Social Media Stream

best shopify apps social media stream

Pricing: Free for up to two streams.

If you want to show off your Instagram feed on your store, Social Media Stream is the perfect way to integrate your social game into your selling platform.

Running a campaign or specific offer on your social media platforms using a unique #hashtag, you can set the app to find any posts using the same hashtag.

As well as put the posts on your site.

11. Digital Downloads

best shopify apps digital download

Pricing: It’s free!

Selling digital products?

Digital Download is an app built specifically for people who want to sell their digital products through their Shopify stores.

The app is super easy to integrate into your existing store in just a few clicks.

It works much like the Apple store; once a customer has purchased your digital product, they’ll be able to use it instantly.

12. Google Shopping

best shopify apps google shopping

Pricing: It’s free!

If you’ve been selling online before Shopify, chances are you’ve been using Google Shopping to generate sales.

The Google Shopping app will link your Google Merchant Center with your Shopify store and keep everything up to date like stock levels and prices on both ends automatically.

13. Product Reviews

best shopify apps product reviews

Pricing: It’s free!

Another app to get powerful product reviews on your store.

Product Reviews gives your customers an easy way to review your products, and then the reviews can be added to your Google listings to boost your store’s credibility and your SEO.

14. SiteKit Promotion Bar & Popup

best shopify apps sitekit

Pricing: It’s free, although some features are only enabled on the $19/month subscription plan.

Who doesn’t love a discount coupon popup when they’re shopping online!

Using SiteKit, you can build custom, branded popups for your Shopify store that will give your customers a special discount or an incentive to sign up for your mailing list.

The app can also pick up when somebody is about to leave your store and trigger a popup discount to win them back.

15. Free Persistent Cart App

best shopify apps persistent cart

Pricing: It’s free!

Recovering abandoned carts from your store is one of the best ways to claw back lost revenue from your customers.

Free Persistent Cart App remembers what items were in your customer’s cart, even if they start using a different device.

That way, if they begin their search on their laptop, but want to finish on their iPhone, they can.

And if they abandon their cart on any of their devices, you can send abandoned cart reminders to more than one device.

ADS – Best way to find winning products and research competitor www.droptrends.site

16. Free Shipping Bar

best shopify apps free shipping bar

Pricing: It’s free!

Nearly 50% of America’s online shoppers now make a purchasing decision based on whether or not they’re going to get free shipping.

If your Shopify store has a minimum spend before you offer free shipping, the Free Shipping Bar will alert your customers to how much more they have to spend to qualify.

The bar stays at the top of the store so it’s visible to your customer at all times and they won’t have any nasty shipping surprises when they get to the checkout.

17. Facebook channel

best shopify apps facebook channel

Pricing: It’s free!

The Facebook channel app gives you the power to link your Shopify store directly to your Facebook page.

Once activated, the app will place a “Shop” tab onto your Facebook page that will automatically display all of the products available in your store.

Your customers will never even have to leave Facebook.

Their whole transaction can take place without ever visiting your Shopify store.

Best Shopify Apps to Improve the SEO & Usability of Your Store

1. Plug-In SEO

best shopify apps plug-in seo

Free trial: 7-day free trial

Pricing: Free plan or $20/month

Even in the Shopify world, SEO is important.

The better your SEO, the better your sales will be. Simple.

Plug-In SEO will automatically check your store and let you know what you’re doing right, and what you need to fix.

If your site is too slow or has broken links, the app will alert you and provide some tips on how to fix your issues.

2. SEO Image Optimizer

best shopify apps seo image optimizer

Pricing: It’s free!

Did you know Google can’t read images, just text?

That’s why it’s important every image on your Shopify store has alternative text, so Google knows what it’s looking at.

SEO Image Optimizer will automatically add alternative text to every image on your store in a few minutes using existing information on your site.

That way, Google can find your products easier.

3. SEO Site Audit, Benchmark Hero

best shopify apps seo site audit

Pricing: It’s free!

Benchmark Hero is another app to help increase your SEO presence.

Instead of just looking at Google, the app will give you a super detailed breakdown of what exactly is impacting your overall SEO score.

Everything from your Facebook and Google Shopping ads to your store’s image optimization will be calculated and given a score.

From there, you’ll be given a clear picture of what you need to improve.

4. Crush.pics Image Suppression

best shopify apps crush.pics

Free trial: Not available.

Pricing: Free plan available for 25mb of images. Paid plans run between $4.99 – $19.99/month

Large image files on your store that your website loading slow.

Crush.pics compresses your product images without losing any quality, which makes it one of the best Shopify apps in the store.

You can compress a bunch of images at once to save you time, and the app will automatically give your images alt text if they’re missing it, too.

5. Lucky Orange

best shopify apps lucky orange

Free trial: 7-day free trial.

Pricing: $10 – $100/month

Lucky Orange is like Google Analytics for your Shopify store.

The app keeps track of all your store’s analytics and data, so you can keep an eye on just how many visitors are hitting your homepage.

You’ll also have access to conversion tools like heatmaps, so you can see where your customers are clicking the most during their visit.

6. Sumo ‑ Grow Sales & Conversion

best shopify apps sumo

Pricing: Free plan starting at $39/month

Want to build your email list on your Shopify store?

Sumo is an easy app you can install on your store to help you capture email addresses from your customers through popups and scroll boxes.

Not only will this give you a way to interact with customers through email down the line, but you can increase their spend in store by strategically placing your popups throughout your store, or as an exit popup.

7. Form Builder

best shopify form builder

Pricing: Free plan / $10 a month

If your customers have an inquiry or need to contact you, Form Builder is a great way to bridge the communication gap.

The app will give your customers a way to submit a custom order on your site, or ask about wholesale pricing or any other inquiry they have.

It has a one-click installation process, and the ability to add your own branding is a nice touch.

Bonus SEO App:

Kudobuzz SEO

best shopify apps kudobuzz seo

Free trial:  7-day free trial

Pricing: $19/month

Kudobuzz has a plethora of Shopify apps available one of the most prominent ones is the KudoBuzz SEO package which allows you to seamlessly optimize your products page on autopilot.

With Kudobuzz SEO you will be able to even optimize your products JSON-LD data to make your eCommerce store search engine crawl-friendly.

Best Shopify Apps For Shipping and Getting Products to Your Customers

1. ShipStation

best shopify shipstation

Free trial: 30-day free trial

Pricing: $9.00  –  $159.00/month

ShipStation takes the pain out of handling a bunch of shipping orders at once.

The app handles the processing of your store’s orders, produces your shipping labels and communicates with the customer about the status of their order as well.

ShipStation is linked with major carriers like USPS and FedEx, and integrates with Shopify as well as a bunch of other online marketplaces.

2. AfterShip Returns Center

best shopify aftership

Free trial: 14-day free trial

Pricing: Free limited plan then $99/month

If you’re running an online store, it’s pivotal you offer your customers a smooth return process if you ever want them to buy from you again.

AfterShip Returns Center gives your customers the option to submit a return request directly on your Shopify store.

Then, the request is sent to your AfterShip Returns Center dashboard where you can choose to:

  • refund them
  • give them store credit or
  • reject their request

No more back and forth emails or annoying return slips!

3. Parcelify

best shopify parcelify

Free trial: 30-day free trial

Pricing: $7.99/month

Not all shipping rates are built the same.

Parcelify gives you the power to create custom shipping rates for your customers depending on their location, the weight of the product, and the price of the item.

If you want to give your local customers free delivery or the ability to bypass shipping costs altogether and pick the item up from your store, you can do that too.

4. Store Pickup + Delivery by Zapiet

best shopify apps store pickup

Image Source

Free trial: 14-day free trial

Pricing: $29 – $49/month

Store Pickup + Delivery is a perfect app for your Shopify store if you receive a lot of sales locally.

The app provides your customers the option to pick up their items in-store or have them delivered locally, and you can add a standard shipping option as well.

And the best part about the app is you get to pick when the best time is for customers to collect their items.

Only want pickups between 5 to 7 pm on Tuesdays? No problem.

5. Correios ‑ SEDEX ‑ PAC

best shopify apps correios

Free trial: 15-day free trial

Pricing: $4.99/month

Ever spent hours of your time looking for the cheapest or quickest courier for your items?

Correios – SEDEX – PAC automatically calculates how much a shipment will cost you, and what time-frame you are looking at for getting your product to your customer.

This can help to eliminate the hassle of getting manual shipping rates from couriers.

Best Shopify Apps to Increase Your Marketing Power

6. Kit

best shopify apps kit

Pricing: It’s free!

Kit is an official Facebook Marketing Partner that will allow you to manage your Facebook and Instagram ads from a single interface.

Want to put a new product on display?

All you have to do is send a message to the Kit bot, and the advertisement will be built for you.

Plus, the app can create retargeting campaigns on Facebook and Instagram for you that will make sure your product ads are being placed in front of your ideal customers.

7. Messenger Channel

best shopify apps messenger channel

Pricing: It’s free!

Want to talk to your customers more?

Messenger channel is an official app by Shopify that will give you the ability to talk to a customer in real-time, just as you would if they were in your physical store.

You can:

  • send your customer product recommendations
  • build a better relationship
  • add a “Shop Now” option on the chat
  • Make purchases directly from Facebook Messenger

8. Instagram Shop by Snapppt

best shopify apps snapppt

Pricing: It’s free!

Instagram is the toughest social media platforms for selling because you can’t add product links to your posts.

Instagram Shop by Snapppt fixes this problem.

The app customizes your Instagram feed so you can tag products in your pictures and that’s why we included in our best Shopify apps mega-list.

Once you add your Snapppt URL into your Instagram bio, your customers can view and purchase all of the products featured in your Instagram images.

Bonus Marketing Apps:


pencil shopify app

Pencil is a creative AI platform that generates Facebook & TikTok ads predicted to win. 1,000+ eCommerce brands use Pencil to make more sales from their Facebook and TikTok ads by building a scalable process around ad creative testing.

Key features:

  • Connect your Shopify store to automatically import your branding, product descriptions, images and videos.
  • Connect your Facebook ad accounts to analyze all your historic ads data.
  • Generate new ads predicted to win in minutes.
  • Launch and scale your winning ads, while pausing your losing ads.
  • See why your winning ads are working, so you have insights to grow your business.

Best used for:

  • Generating ads for popular channels like Facebook & Tiktok
  • Finding winning ads faster with AI predictions trained on your data
  • Getting better ad results by simply testing more ad creatives

Pricing: Pencil’s Shopify app has a 7-day free trial, after that, it’s $50/mo for 10 ad exports/mo.


pushengage marketing

Pricing: Free (till 2500 subscribers), then $29/month

PushEngage App is built to re-engage customers and recover lost sales.

In a single click, you can install PushEngage on your Shopify store. Some of the top pre-defined campaigns are – Cart Abandonment, Browse Abandonment & Drip.

All the campaigns have pre-defined templates. The best part is you can activate the campaigns in just a single click.

The Best Shopify Apps to Keep Your Inventory in Check

1. Restocked Alerts Back in Stock

best shopify apps restocked alerts

Free trial: 14-day free trial

Pricing: $14.99 – $79.99/month

If your product is out of stock, it shouldn’t mean you miss out on a sale.

Restocked Alerts Back in Stock will notify your customers when a product they were looking to purchase on your site comes back into stock.

All they have to do is hand over their email address, and they’ll get an alert!

2. TradeGecko Inventory Management

best shopify apps trade gecko

Pricing: 14-day free trial, paid plans range between $39 – $699/month

Tracking your inventory doesn’t have to be a massive task.

TradeGecko is a way to track your stock, warehouses, currencies, taxes, and price lists within a single system.

From the dashboard, you can sync all of your inventory across several sales channels and warehouses

Another great aspect of TradeGeck is that it integrates with accounting giants like QuickBooks Online and Xero.

3. Veeqo

Pricing: From $180/month

Veeqo is an e-commerce software that helps retailers manage their back-end tasks.

The system automatically syncs orders from multiple sales channels into a centralized platform, designed to save time and never miss an order again.

The platform also keeps inventory 100% accurate across all sites, marketplaces and physical stores in real-time, ensuring retailers never oversell or run out of stock again.

4. Xporter Data Export Tool

best shopify apps exporter data

Free trial: 7-day free trial

Pricing: $7 – $45/month

Keeping it simple and using spreadsheets to track your inventory?

Xporter is a web-based app that you can use to export the data from your entire store into a CSV or XML document.

The dashboard gives you a simple checklist to tick off whatever you need to be exported.

If you just need information on customers and products, then that’s all you select.

There is no learning curve, and you can export your reports online, send them in an email, or access them in Google Sheets.

5. Low Stock Alert

best shopify apps low stock alert

Free trial: 14-day free trial

Pricing: $5.99 – $29.99/month

One of the easiest ways to miss a sale is by running out of stock.

The Low Stock Alert app will keep you on top of how much stock you’re holding, and alert you to when you need to order more.

Feel comfortable having 10 items of a certain stock item in the warehouse?

All you have to do is set your minimum stock number to 10.

Once it dips below this, you’ll be alerted automatically so you can order more, and never run out again.

6. ByteStand – Amazon to Shopify

best shopify apps bytestand

Free trial: 7-day free trial

Pricing: $10 – $30/month

If you’re selling on Amazon as well as to customers directly through your Shopify store, you need to have your stores linked.

Bytestand will sync your Shopify store directly to your Amazon listings so you don’t have to put in any manual work.

The app will take your inventory list from Amazon and input it directly into your Shopify store, so there’s never any crossover.

Best Shopify Apps to Boost Sales

7. SMAR7 Bundle Upsell

best shopify apps smar7

Free trial: 7-day free trial

Pricing: $47/month

Using the SMAR7 Bundle Upsell app, you can reward customers with free shipping or a discount in your store which will only be activated if they add more items to their cart.

The app tracks every single item your customer puts into their cart so the upsell is targeted towards their buying behavior.

8. Recart Messenger Marketing

best shopify apps recart

Free trial: 28-day free trial

Pricing: $29/month

Want to send abandoned cart reminders and shipping notifications through a medium other than email?

Recart Messenger Marketing allows you to automate upsells like abandoned cart reminders and deliver your customer’s order receipts through Messenger instead of email.

It helps to make the buying experience a little more personal.

9. PushOwl Web Push Notifications

best shopify apps pushowl

Pricing: Free plan (up to 500 impressions), then $19/month

Abandoned carts are one of the biggest issues facing anyone with a Shopify store.

PushOwl was built to help store owners capitalize on an otherwise lost sale.

The app will send a set of three customized abandoned cart reminders to any customer who abandons a cart in your store and helps you recover any lost revenue.

10.Exit Intent Popups by OptiMonk

best shopify apps optimonk

Free trial: 14-day free trial

Pricing: $29 – $199/month

Exit Intent Popups is an app that targets users who are about to leave your store without making a purchase.

When a user is about to click away from your page, the app will launch a voucher or discount code as a last-ditch attempt at landing you a sale.

You can also use the app to collect email addresses to boost your email list and collect feedback.

But capitalizing on visitors that were about to leave is what makes this app stand out from the crowd.

11.Cross Sell Recommend Products

best shopify apps cross sell

Free trial: 10-day free trial

Pricing: $19.99/month

Cross-selling products on your store is one of the best ways to boost revenue through customers who’ve already have your products in their cart.

Using the Cross Sell Recommend Products app, you can pre-load any products that compliment each other or that are frequently purchased together, and then recommend them to your customer when they’ve shown an interest in one of the products in the group.

12.OptinMonster Email Popups

best shopify apps optinmonster

Free trial: 30-day free trial

Pricing: $49/month

Email marketing is still the most powerful way to sell to your customers once they’ve visited your store, so you need to capture their email address when you’ve got the chance.

Using the OptinMonster app, you’ll be able to track your customer’s shopping experience and use that data to convert them into (at the very least) a subscriber on your mailing list.

You’ll then be able to target them in email marketing campaigns based on the data the app has already collected.

13.Pre Order Manager

best shopify apps pre-order

Free trial: 14-day free trial

Pricing: $24.95/month

If you’re struggling to keep up with demand for a particular product or you’re planning on stocking something that hasn’t been released, Pre-Order Manager can help you keep on top of otherwise lost sales.

Instead of your customer seeing an “Out of Stock” button, they’ll see a customized button like “Get Alerted” or “Pre-Order Now”.

Then, you can alert them when the item is in stock so they can return to your store to complete their purchase.


best shopify apps shopcodes

Pricing: It’s free!

We know what you’re thinking but no, QR codes aren’t dead. Shopcodes can generate unique codes instantly for you to use on email marketing campaigns or product packaging to encourage the customer to purchase from your store again.

The app also has a dashboard where you can keep track of how many times the codes have been used, and if certain codes have been more successful than others.

15.Tidio Live Chat

best shopify apps tidio livechat

Pricing: Free plan, pricing starts at $15/month

Chances are, if you can answer a customer’s question while they’re shopping in your store, the stronger your relationship with them is going to be. Live chat can help you do this.

The Todio Live Chat app allows you to answer customers in real time and set up an automated bot to answer them when you’re away.

This gives you the power to be “hands-on” in your store at all times, and in return, your customers will have better service experience.

16.Upsell and Cross-sell Products

best shopify apps upsell and cross sell

Free trial: 14-day free trial

Pricing: Free plan, or upgraded plans for $29.99 – $149.99/month

If a customer has already shown purchasing intent in your store, you should encourage upsells and cross-sells as well.

The Upselling and Cross-sell Products app allow you to automate product recommendations to your customers based on the SKUs of your products.

17.Ultimate Sales Boost

best shopify apps ultimate seles boost

Pricing: Free plan available, or for upgraded plans $9.99 – $29.99/month

Urgency is one of the oldest tricks in sales. Creating urgency can give your customer an increased desire to buy a product out of fear of missing out.

Using the Ultimate Sales Boost app, you can set up product pages to show countdown timers or let the customer know the item they’re interested in is about to run out of stock.

If they don’t want to miss out, there’s more of a chance they’ll add the item to their cart.

18.Rewards and Referrals by Swell

best shopify apps rewards program

Pricing: Free plan available, or for upgraded plans $29 – $249/month

Rewarding someone for buying a product in your store with a coupon or discount code is one of the best ways to ensure repeat business.

The Rewards and Referrals app will automatically send your customers an action of your choice after they’re made a purchase in your store.

This could be a discount off of their next purchase if they refer a friend to your store, or $10 off their next purchase if they spend over $50.

The reward is your choice, but the repeat business is your reward.

19. Referral Candy

best shopify apps referral candy

Free trial: 30-day free trial

Pricing: $49/month

Another referral app, Referral Candy is a super professional way to run a loyalty scheme for your Shopify store.

You can customize your referral emails with your own brand and designs, and you control every step of the referral process from the email to the landing page the customer is sent to.

Word-of-mouth is one of the best ways to grow your business, so give your customers a reason to shout about your store to their friends.

20.Smile: Rewards & Loyalty

best shopify apps smile

Free trial: Yes, up to 500 program members

Pricing: $59 – $599/month

Want to get a referral program off the ground in the next hour?

Smile is the tool for you. It’s one of the easiest apps on the market to build a referral program (no developer needed here!).

Just pick a style from their bunch of pre-made templates, add in your offer, customize it so your customers will know it’s your store, and then start rewarding them!

21. Shopify FedEx App

shopify apps fed ex shipping app

Free trial: Yes, 15-days

Pricing: $19/month

FedEx Shopify App will allow you to automate FedEx Domestic, International & Freight Shipping Rates, including Negotiated Rates for your Account, directly on the checkout page.

Help to generate FedEx shipping labels directly from your Shopify store with just a single click

Generate and Update FedEx tracking numbers automatically for each order & provide shipment tracking details to your customers via email.


best shopify app compass

Pricing: Free plan available.

Need a way to keep a birds-eye view on every element of your Shopify store?

Compass is a tool that puts 30 crucial metrics such as revenue and customer acquisition on a single dashboard to help you stay on track.

23. DragDropr

dragdropr shopify app

Free trial: 14-day free trial

Pricing: $14.90 – $198.00/month

DragDropr is a universal drag & drop page builder that can be integrated with any leading content management system such as Shopify, WordPress, Magento, and others.

The app lets you use more than one hundred pre-designed templates or simply create stunning landing pages from scratch.

There is no prior knowledge or coding skills required. Just log into the app and quickly edit any of your existing pages by simply dragging and dropping the elements on your website.

The app is primarily used by bloggers, web designers and marketing agencies that create highly customizable landing pages to skyrocket their conversions.

24. Modalyst

shopify dropshipping

Pricing: It’s free to add up to 25 products to sell in your online store. This plan also includes unlimited orders.

Interested in dropshipping luxury brands? How about personalizing the products you sell through our exclusive Private Label Dropshipping program? There are also trendy dropshippers and wholesale handmade suppliers to work with.

Modalyst – Dropshipping App is dropshipping software for ecommerce stores. It was originally created for Shopify stores and now integrates with BigCommerce and Wix ecommerce businesses as well.

This app can help you find the best dropship suppliers in the world, including the USA, and trending products to import directly into your Shopify store.

When an order is placed on your store, you can then fulfill it directly with the dropshipping supplier on Modalyst.

25. Reveal

reveal shopify app

Pricing: Free on Shopify Store until the end of 2020

Reveal is a Retail Analytics tool that offers automated advanced reporting for ecommerce.

The software can analyze customer, product, and order data, based on two main metrics: Cost of acquisition (CAC) and RFM scores.

The dashboard provides insights into NPS scores, Retention Rate, Product Return Rate, Gross Margin per Customer Type, Cohorts, and Customer Lifetime Value.

This tool is suitable for ecommerce businesses that want to leverage customer data and increase their Customer Retention Rate and Customer Lifetime Value.

26. Cartloop

cartloop shopify app homepage

Free Trial: 14-day free trial with unlimited texts

Pricing: $0 + 15%/month

Cartloop is a human-powered text marketing platform that acts as customers’ personal shopping assistant.

Using 1:1 conversational text messaging, Cartloop’s Cart Recovery Experts™ guide your customers throughout their shopping journey in real-time.

They are cutting through the marketing clutter with the power of human touch and ensure 10x more revenue than email automation, over 15x ROI, real-time customer feedback, and overall consistency.

Drive more sales and build strong customer relationships by bringing the in-store shopping experience online with Cartloop.

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